February 20th

February 20th

Hi, sorry I haven’t been blogging this week.  My husband is on a trip to Cuba and so he took the camera.  My parents came to visit and were staying in the bedroom that has the computer.  So blogging was not going to work too well for this week.  I miss it though!  So I should be back tomorrow.

The book “Sleep away the pounds” is great!

I am also listening to “In Defense of Food: and eater’s manifesto” on audio right now.  I love that I discovered I can download audio books from the library and listen to them while I am at the computer.


Day 23 – February 13, 2010

Meal Plan for day

“Sleep Away the Pounds”


Protein Powder Cookie Dough

Meal Plan:

Meal 1: 8:00am (160cal/160 total)

  • 3/4c Kashi
  • 8g Natural PB
  • Cinnamon, Salt, and water
  • Mix everything except water, add water last and mix again!



Exercise: A new class at lifetime!! 9:30am (Hopefully Daniel will be up in time for this!


Meal 2: 11:00am (155cal/315total)

  • Protein Powder Cookie Dough:
  • Chocolate Protein Powder – 100cal
  • 20g Kashi Cereal – 50cal
  • Salad w/ FF dressing – 5 cal





Meal 3: 12:30pm


“Sleep Away the Pounds”

So I just picked up this book from the library and it is incredible!  Whether you have trouble sleeping, eating before bed, or not it is a great resource.  The whole first part is a good, thorough, quick read on hormones inclusing: Leptin, insulin, ghrelin, cortisol, & growth hormone.

I think part of my problem is that I eat a snack before bed that causes hyperglycemia early in the night.  My body produces a plethera of insulin to take care of all the sugar and I become hypoglycemia.  That is when I wake up because my body signals that it needs more food.  It may also be an adrenaline problem that my “flight or fight” response is going during the night. 

Anyways I definitely give this book 2 thumbs up!

Setting Captives Free


So I joined this site yesterday.  It is a 60 day study to help a person learn about healthy nutrition, wanting to glorify the Lord with their body, wanting to lose weight for the right reasons.  I also now have a mentor and I think that is the most incredible part.  She will read my responses, share stories about herself, someone for me to ask anything about.  This is honestly the most amazing thing I have found.  If you are trying to become healthy or lose weight check it out.

Day 21 – February 11, 2010

Post includes: Daily plan, Tebow’s mom, my new fav breakfast, and update on brownie review

So I made all my meals this morning and they are all ready to go for the day.  It is such a stress relief. I made what I could for tomorrow too!!  Now there is no excuse for not sticking to plan

Meal 1: 9:00am 

  • Coffee
  • Bowl’O Peanut Butter & Jelly <– This is my new FAVORITE BREAKFAST
  • 6 grams oatmeal microwaves for 1 minute
  • 3oz Lite Tofu
  • Salt and 4 drops of liquid stevia
  • 18 g Kashi GoLean Cereal
  • 8 grams Natural Peanut butter
  • The blackberries will melt perfectly if added last bc of how hot the oatmeal is 


Meal 2: 12:30pm 

  • 1/2 pkg shirataki noodles
  • Turkey, onion, green pepper leftovers
  • 1/2oz. Cheddar cheese

Tebow’s mom

So I just learned who Tim Tebow was and I thought if he is following the Lord while in the mist of all the this football fame his parents may also be following the Lord and really helped to shape the person he is…. and it is true.  She is a wonderful woman who is beautiful, smart, obedient to the Lord, kind, and has sacrificed for her family.  She homeschooled all their children and they are all passionate about God today.  Here is more info on her:

 The website is: http://www.gofbw.com/news.asp?ID=9758


So I ran out of cocoa powder but I ordered Capella “fudge brownie” to put in them, so the batter is sitting in my fridge as I eagarly wait for them.

My new Fav Breakfast:

Bowl’O Peanut Butter & Jelly


  • 6 grams oatmeal microwaves for 1 minute
  • 3oz Lite Tofu
  • Salt and 4 drops of liquid stevia
  • 18 g Kashi GoLean Cereal
  • 8 grams Natural Peanut butter
  • The blackberries will melt perfectly if added last bc of how hot the oatmeal is
  • So I have a love hate relationship with taking pics of what I eat.  I hate it because it keeps me accountable- probably why I haven’t been.  I’m going to get back on track though!

    Day 20 – February 10, 2010

    Meal 1: 5am – 300 cal

    • Chocolate Chips – 140 cal
    • 4 slices on light 40 cal bread – 160 cal
    • 2 cups of coffee

    Meal 2: 8am – 160 cal/ 460 total

    • 3/4 c Kashi
    • 6g PB & little bit of dark choc.
    • Cinnamon, salt, & water

    Meal 3: 12pm – 280 cal/ 740 total

    • Turkey – 60 cal
    • Braggs – 0 cal
    • 6g PB – 40 cal
    • Green pepper, onion, lettece
    • 2 bites of PB and jelly – 40 cal
    • 1 oz chocolate – 70 cal
    • 3 lora doone cookies (from 100 cal pack) – 30 cal
    • 1 T. Black bean – 40 cal

    Meal 4: 2 pm – 160 cal/ 900 total

    • 3/4 c Kashi
    • 6g PB & little bit of dark choc.
    • Cinnamon, salt, & water

    Meal 5: 4pm -225cal/ 1125 total

    • Turkey
    • All bran crackers – 120 cal
    • Chicken

    Exercise: 5:30pm – Total Conditioning (-800cal)/325 total


    Meal 6: 8pm – 150 cal/1275 total/ 475 cal

    • Honey Dew melon
    • Spinach
    • Stevia
    • Protein Powder

    Shirataki Noodles

    I have been using shirataki noodles for about 4 months now.  I love them!  I usually buy them from cub for $1.89 each.  I don’t go to cub too often so I usually stock up and buy 10 at a time.  We recently moved to Minnapolis and a friend just told me about a great Asian Market at 90th & Lyndale, so we’ll go there to check out their goods and prices soon.

    Tofu Shirataki - Spaghetti 8 oz. 10 Pack

    Shirataki Noodles are wonderful!  I use in all recipes that call for noodles now and to add bulk to some sweet recipes.

    Tips for using shirataki noodles:

    • Rinse them in water before using and then microwave.  They do have a “fishy” smell to it.  The smell goes away if washed and microwaved though!!
    • Drink a glass of water while eating them.  They really expand and soak up water in your stomach.  You will be STUFFED from these little noodles about 15 minutes after eating them. 
    • They are not EXACTLY noodles, but hey, if it tasted exactly like a noodle and looked like a noodle… then it probably would be a noodle…. and contain 200 vs 20 calories.
    • They need time to soak up the flavor of something.  So let it sit and marinate if you can.  Otherwise think about adding something else to it such as cereal or oatmeal (in a sweet dish), that easily absorbs liquid.
    • Do not melt cheese on top of it in the microwave.  The noodles will not really absorb and incorporate the cheese, so the cheese just melts in a big blob and is hard to seperate after (it kind of stays in big icky chunks, think of how FF cheese melts and its just like that).  Melt the cheese over the other food, veggies or protein, or mix the cheese in first. 
    • They are great to add to a skillet or in a stir fry.  The heat really helps the noodles to take on the other flavors.

    What I use shirataki noodles in:

    • For spaghetti
    • Under chili
    • Macaroni and cheese
    • Tuna casserole – this is REALLY yummy
    • Chinese dishes that I add some soy and frozen veggies to a skillet.
    • Pureed and add to cookies for extra bulk (you can just cut them up but there will still small bit of noodle in the cookie when you are eating it.  Also it takes a long time for it to soak up flavor so you will taste the noodle)
    • Last but not least my favorite!!!!!!
    • Low-cal Peanut Butter De-Lite:
    1.  1/2 pkg shirataki – Rinsed and microwaved, and cute into smaller pieces
    2. 18 grams Kashi GoLean or 10 g Oatmeal
    3. 4g PB
    4. Cinnamon, sweetener, salt
    5. Chocolate Protein powder (optional)
    6. Cocoa powder (optional)
    7. Dark chocolate bits (wait for noodles to cool then add so they just melt a little and are not fully incorporated)

    I usually enjoy this ever night before bed for a 160cal dessert that is peanut butter and chocolatey!

    TOMORROW: Low Cal Black Bean, Tofu brownies, pics and review

    What do you do when healthy food is unavailable?  How do you plan?  Do you try to eat lighter for the rest of the day?

    Plan:  Well I planned my meals for the today.  I was suppose to eat again at 11:30 having my usual Kashi and PB. 

    Actual: But we were at church and then dropped my husband off at Panera.  We went into panera for a minute… but I wanted to wait to eat because I think Panera is really yummy-but very depective, everything looks healthy, but usually it isn’t.  If I do get soething it is always the black bean soup YUM! 

    So then we stopped by mcDonalds for a burger…jk….. we went there for a red box movie.  I was going to watch one while running on the treadmill during my son’s nap.  I relaized I forgot I left my card with my husband so he could get more food at panera 🙂   So…. after all this time I was starving!!!  I’m not sure if I was thankful for having food available in the car.  I had a thing of mint keebler cookies that my son use to enjoy.  So I nibbled the outside of about 7 of them.  I would equate that to two cookies. 

    It is important to realize balance though.  I looked at what I had eaten– fat and carbs.  My next meal was going to be tuna, FF mayo, and all bran crackers.  So I skipped the all brans crackers for some shirataki noodles.  And ta-dah.  I am full and on plan!




    • Muscles weighs 3x as much as fat (the scale may not be changing but your physique may be :))
    • It takes WAY MORE energy to maintain muscle than fat — how much you can eat basically equates to how much muscle you have.  (My husband, in the medical field, sees alot of women that are very large and sedentary.  Someone may think they could probably eat 1000 calories a day and lose weight.  The truth is that they are so sedentary that they have lost ALL their muscle.  Their caloric requirements may only be 300 calories, any more and they will gain weight!)

    Ask yourself:

    • What time of the day is best for you to work out?  That you will work out the hardest and be the likeliest to do it? I’m a morning person.  I better workout in the morning or I probably will consume my day with other things and never get to it.  If I am planning on a 5:30pm class I WILL make it to that though.
    • What do you eat before and after?

    Losing weight by Exercise

    • How muscle is built:  
    • You must be lifting hard enough that you are sore after.  The sorer the better.  Work to exhaustion.  If you are going to do it, then do it hard.  Why?  Because you must work out hard enough to make micro tears in your muscle.  Your body, with protein, will rebuild it stronger (bigger, more toned, etc.).  This is the ONLY WAY to gain muscle.  If you are not sore after you are not going to build more muscle.  Hopefully you are just exercising your muscle enough that it will stay the same.
    • How to increase muscle breakdown more quickly? By not giving it oxygen.  How do you not give it oxygen?  By working out so you are out of breath.  i.e.  Do intervals- Sprints of cardio, then lift, cardio, then lift, etc., Polymetrics, less weight but higher reps.
    • Sleep!  You need adequate sleep for your body to repair itself too.
    • What to eat for workouts:
    • Don’t eat too much you are stuffed before working out, but enough that you can get through it.  Ideally I eat a light meal 2 hours before.
    • Eat PROTEIN after.  Your muscle gets bigger by tearing itself down and then building itself back up again.  You need protein to do this.

    Where to go for help:

    • Gym
    • Take classes
    • Look into good videos that will keep you motivated – P90X, Crossfit, Jari Love “get ripped”


    What I ate today:

    Breakfast (6:30am) :

    • Kashi
    • Dark chocolate

      85% Cacao from Aldi - 5 for $1.69

    • Coffee



    Meal 2(9:00am):

    • Kashi – 110 cal
    • PB – 50 cal

    Meal 3 (11:30):

    • Kashi —This is what I was talking about

    Meal 3 (2:00):

    • Cookies!
    • 1 bite of bagel
    • 4 licks of McDs ice cream cone

    Meal 4 (3:00pm):

    • 3oz tuna – 75 cal
    • FF mayo – 10 cal
    • Shirataki noodles – 20cal


    Simple Squash Pizza

    Simple Squash Pizza

    This can squash out ANY carving for pizza!

    1 serving. 100-200 cal depending on amt.




    • Spaghetti squash cooked (I cook mine in the microwave)
    • 1/4-1/2 c. Pizza or pasta sauce
    • 1/4-1/2 oz mozzarella cheese
    • Spices:
    • Garlic, salt, italian


    1. Place spaghetti squash on plate and add garlic and salt to taste.
    2. Top with sauce
    3. Spinkle cheese on
    4. Add all spices on top
    5. Microwave until cheese is melted
    6. Enjoy!

    The exact measurements don’t matter so this is great for one or make more to feed a crowd.